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Gender Delusion: Death to Binary

Last year, the “in” thing for postmoderns was “gender neutrality”: bathrooms, pronouns, names, birth certificates, wedding and drivers’ licenses. Even gender-neutral parents and gender-neutral children.

gender neutral bathrooms a sign of the timesUntil recent years, we used men’s rooms and women’s rooms. No one would have thought of a man going into a women’s restroom or shower room. Today you choose whichever you prefer. Biology doesn’t matter, only your “gender identity”.

Four years ago, Dr. Ben Carson was chastised over his conclusion that the LGBT movement was leading to pedophilia and bestiality. But he was right. The logical drift and unstated goal of the postmoderns is the destruction of the natural family and the transcendent moral order. In fact, their ultimate goal is the elimination of the very concept of male-female (binary) sexuality.

Ricki Wilchins, founder of the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition, states: “Gay and transgender rights advocates have been quietly dodging the issue of binary heteronormativity, but that sound you hear is the other shoe finally dropping … hard.” She adds, “Ending our culture’s obsession with what’s ‘male’ and what’s ‘female’ will be our salvation.” For more on this see: What’s the Real Agenda of Trans Activists?

The LGBT leaders do not simply want to have a place to think and be different; they want everyone else in society to affirm their non-binary standards. The abolition of transcendent masculine and feminine is gone from modern, naturalistic culture. Now postmodern culture wants to abolish the biology, the reality, of sex. They want to de-sex society, abolishing human sexuality and with it the family and society as we have always known it. This is arrogant and audacious in the extreme. To accomplish it will require what Muslims call Taqiyya – deceiving non-believers as a strategy for ultimately conquering them.

Gender confusion is well underway

Living in a world of delusion, the denial of reality, will lead to chaos. What happens to those poor souls who “transition” to the opposite gender and remain confused? Who regret that decision? What happens to society as a whole? What will a parent think of a society where a male or female or transgendered adult is attracted to your teenager? Your pre-teen? Or even your toddler or newborn?

Think this is farfetched? It’s happening today. And words are being coined to describe these pagan sexual activities. (See Unbridled Sexuality: A Little Pedophilia Never Hurt Anyone.)

We’re seeing not just sex with other people’s children, but sex with one’s own children, one’s own mother or sister or brother. And why not? Without a framework rooted in reality and objective morality, the only limit to sexual license is human imagination.

In fact, the seemingly unlimited sexual license is generating conflict within the LGBT community. For example, some argue that their sexuality is hardwired, they were born this way. Others insist gender is a fluid, social construction. Thus we have genetics vs. imagination within the community.

We’ve come a long way from “lesbian” and “gay” to “LGBT” and now LGBTQIAP. Without a moral framework, the future of sexual perversion is limited only by imagination and language (inventing new words). Beyond that lies the heathen abyss. Do we really want to return to the degenerative world of paganism where any imaginable sexual practice is considered legitimate?

Resist gender confusion in terminology

To defer to false terminology is to cede the battle at the level of language. We need to resist the postmodern language or lose the battle. We don’t need to be unnecessarily offensive, but we must stop sacrificing truth on the altar of being nice, of seeking to be liked. We should not agree to anyone’s concept of gender fluidity, nor to the demands of their illegitimate language and fabricated personal pronouns.

–          Don’t use “marriage” (one man & one woman for life) to describe the relationship of a same-sex couple. Use “civil union” or “so-called marriage.”

–          That famous Olympic athelete named Jenner? Call him Bruce, not Caitlyn.

–          Call a boy a boy and a girl a girl. Do not use their trans identity.

Frankly, we surrendered a key term in the society when we started using “gay” instead of homosexual.

Remember, sex is not THE ISSUE. The issue is WORLDVIEW, a battle for civilization between Judeo-Christian Theism and paganism. We should speak the truth in love. And in the process, pursue clarity, not compromise. We need to lead the Judeo-Christian resistance.

It was the “deviant” Jews and Christians who lifted pagan culture out of the pit. They established the gold standard for human sexuality and the natural family by teaching and functioning from the biblical worldview.

God’s people successfully challenged paganism once before by “storying” – telling the story of the covenantal concept of marriage, advocating for it, and modeling it by building godly, natural families in the midst of a deeply pagan culture. Notwithstanding the efforts of radicals to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism, these are not normal.

Use your God-given talents to challenge gender confusion

It is time to challenge the postmodern culture. What shape will this challenge take?

Some will speak and write, seeking to reform the language and the culture.

Some will write songs and ballads for the movement, using their art form to restore the dignity of marriage, the family, the maternal, the beauty of human sexuality and the link between our sexual intimacy and family formation.

Some will preach sermons and teach on the glory of our purpose and design and the biblical narrative on family and human sexuality.

Some will lead protests in the public square to draw attention to the madness we are facing.

Some will draw lines in the sand and say, “No further. I am willing to pay the price for violating laws that legalize this nonsense and undermine our God-given freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.”

For many it will mean to take seriously the cultural mandate to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth” – to marry, form families, enjoy the God-given gift of our human sexuality, and rejoice in the children who are the fruit of that intimacy.

Here are a couple of things you can do right now:

·         Sign The Manhattan Declaration.

·         Join a group like Alliance Defending Freedom.

Are you committed to be part of the resistance? What specific things will you do to bring reform?

  • Darrow Miller

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