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Scott Allen Published at WORLD

DNA president Scott Allen was featured at WORLD’s Saturday Series this weekend where they posted his article, “History repeats itself: Social justice advocacy in the evangelical church recalls the un-Biblical ideology of the social gospel movement.

In his third contribution at WORLD, Scott unpacks the parallels between two debates in the evangelical church: the social gospel argument of 100 years ago, and today’s social justice controversy.

“Today, evangelical advocates of social justice similarly want to fight against injustice and engage in the culture. But like the earlier social gospel advocates, they too have unwittingly allowed their theology of justice to be contaminated, this time by un-Biblical postmodern and neo-Marxist ideas, leading a group of evangelicals to come together in opposition to this view.

We are delighted to see Scott’s writing featured at WORLD and again, happy to point our readers to this compelling piece, and eager to see it get the widest possible distribution.

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