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With breathtaking speed, binary sexuality is increasingly regarded as obsolete and even dangerous. A toxic new religion is sweeping the world, replacing truth with power, reality with illusion, reason with feelings. This is seen in the almost global move, on a political/policy level, to redefine – better, to reduce the concept of human life to mere machinery, basic institutions as marriage, and the biological and anatomical reality of human sexuality to “self-identity” delusion. This might be called metaphysical colonialism. It is certainly the deconstruction of Western Civilization.

In the graphic above, reality, history and revelation identify the first two icons (in the blue rectangles)—female and male—as equal and complementary human beings. The other symbols, which are being created as fast as imagination will allow, are simply delusional and largely a fanciful denial of reality.

As is often the case, moderns and postmoderns in the United States are forcing this new colonialism on the world. Heres a recent example from my own experience. A father in Argentina told me that his 12-year-old daughter was in a class where two 12-year-old girls were beginning the process of transitioning to boys! Not Sweden, but Argentina. This is the speed at which we are exporting sexual and metaphysical colonialism.

Trump wants to affirm binary sexuality

President Trump wants to protect binary sexualityThe current government in Washington may be reaffirming science and reality. On 10/31/18, the New York Times published an article provocatively titled “Transgender Could Be Defined out of Existence under Trump Administration.” The writer excerpted a spring 2018 memo circulating in the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) about restoring the scientific and historical understanding of human sexuality.

Sex means a persons status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth … The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence. …

The memo in question reveals that DHHS is calling on government agencies to adopt a uniform and explicit definition of sex that is founded “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable,” where disputes would be settled through genetic testing.

If the Times is reporting accurately, there is nothing to fear. The administration simply wants to clarify, for legal and policy purposes, that one’s sex is defined by biology and genetic makeup. This would simply continue the nation’s existing laws and policies rooted in Judeo-Christian culture and recognized for millennia, i.e. that human sexuality is marked by two modalities, male and female, which are equal and complementary.

In other words, one’s sex is determined by reality, not by the postmodern concept that sex is elastic, determined by one’s feelings and imagination rather than by reality.

Binary sexuality is not a redefinition of sex

Rep. Joseph Kennedy III wants to erase binary sexualityThe Washington BLADE (which bills itself as “America’s LGBT News Source”) published an article titled “98 House Dems urge Trump Administration to Drop Anti-Trans Plan.” The writer reported that 98 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, led by Rep. Joseph Kennedy III, head of the Transgender Equality Task Force, wrote a letter (dated November 2, 2018), to Alex M. Azar II, Secretary of Health and Human Services. Here are several excerpts and my responses.

Dear Secretary Azar,

We write to you to express our strong objection to reported efforts within your department to eliminate the rights and protections of transgender Americans. The proposal to redefine the definition of “sex” under Title IX to specifically exclude transgender people is a brazen and targeted attack on the lives of 2 million Americans. …

Note that the letter accuses the DHHS of redefining the word “sex” under Title IX. But the DHHS is not redefining; it is reaffirming the scientific and historic definition of human sexuality. The redefining is coming from the Toxic New Religion, an ideology trying to remake sex as non-binary and fluid. This is an effort to eliminate science and reason for ideological purposes. The letter continues:

Adoption of this cruel and unscientific definition of sex would undermine enforcement of civil rights for millions, and we implore you to stop any attempt by extremists within the Department of Health & Human Services to infringe upon the dignity, rights and lives of transgender people …

Binary sexuality is neither cruel nor unscientific

Note that these congressional men and women see the concept of male-female binary sexuality as unscientific and cruel. But these house members are parroting the postmodern worldview that denies the validity of science and reason. To regard human sexuality as fluid violates scientific understanding. They seem also to be saying that the very structure of human sexuality is cruel. I doubt any of the signers would admit that binary sexuality is inherently cruel in their own lives.

The letter continues:

This proposal intends to erase transgender from federal civil rights protections …. Re-defining “sex” in this narrow language … could only be a part of a deliberate strategy to eliminate federal protections for transgender people and further marginalize an at-risk minority group…. Furthermore, this proposal … counters the consensus of medical providers and scientists across the globe who have found no reliable evidence to support such a definition and therefore urge government and society to accept transgender people for who they are.

Note the inflammatory word “erase.” The DHHS proposal, if it does exist, simply reaffirms the binary nature of human sexuality. We are human beings, made in the image of God. That transcendent reality is manifest in the two complementary natures of masculine and feminine as the foundational blueprint for our biological sexuality. This proposal would simply restore the historic consensus over millennia of human history that human beings come in two distinct modalities, male and female.

Human rights are granted to all human beings regardless of their sex, race or ethnic background, their age or health status. They are granted by God to all human beings simply because they are made in His image. There is no need for a legal category called “transgender” to acquire human rights.

Where will the trans movement lead?

I would argue that postmoderns, having rejected reason and science, are doing the erasing. They are removing scientific and cultural understanding that goes back for ages. The consequences of this shift are heartbreaking.

Western civilization upholds binary sexualityFinally, the letter ends with the preposterous claim that the historical and biological concept of male-female binary sexuality is “an archaic, dogmatic and alarming view of the world.” Here is their bottom line. Postmoderns see the Judeo-Christian worldview, the worldview of Western Civilization, as dogmatic, archaic, alarming, and dangerous. It needs to be eliminated by fiat. Postmoderns care nothing for reality or reason or truth. In a post-truth culture, narrative and power are all that is left.

At the heart of the division in the United States, in many Western and some Southern countries, is a divide between Judeo-Christian theism, on the one hand, and modernism and postmodernism on the other. That 98 members of the House of Representatives would sign such a letter shows the depth of the animus against reason, reality and revelation. It shows the profound divide between today’s atheists (modern or postmodern) and those embracing (or remembering) the Judeo-Christian founding of Western Civilization.

If there is no fixed reality, every individual human being will be defined by the terms of their own existence. The trans movement of self-definition will not confine itself to sexuality, but will radiate outward to race, age, species and cyborg. Indeed, it already is.

–          Darrow Miller

… to be continued

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