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Modern Feminism Is a Lie … And So Is Postmodern Feminism

Modern feminism is a lie … so is postmodern                                  Photo by Sofia Sforza at Unsplash

Here is a heart-rending testimony by a woman who believed the lie of modern feminism, a plaintive call to young women to avoid this trap.

An anonymous professional woman called into the Dennis Prager radio program to relate what happened when she trusted the modern feminist lie.

I’m 50 years old with four college degrees. I was raised by a feminist mother with no father in the home. My mother told me get an education to the maximum level so that you can get out in the world, make a lot of money. And that’s the path I followed. I make adequate money. I don’t make a ton of money. But I do make enough to support my own household.

Modern feminism is a lie

I want to tell women in their 20s: Do not follow the path that I followed. You are leading yourself to a life of loneliness. All of your friends will be getting married and having children, and you’re working to compete in the world, and what you’re doing is competing with men. Men don’t like competitors. Men want a partner. It took me until my late 40s to realize this.

And by the time you have your own household with all your own bills, you can’t get off that track, because now you’ve got to make the money to pay your bills. It’s hard to find a partner in your late 40s to date because you also start losing self-confidence about your looks, your body. It’s not the same as it was in your 20s. You try to do what you can to make your life fulfilling. I have cats and dogs. But it’s lonely when you see your friends having children, going on vacations, planning the lives of their children, and you don’t do anything at night but come home to your cats and dogs. I don’t want other women to do what I have done.

Somebody asked me the other day, ‘Why did you stay single and never have kids?’ There’s answers: Because I was brainwashed by my mother into this. But it’s hard and it’s shameful to tell people, ‘I don’t know. I ran out of time.’

There’s not a good answer for it except ‘I was programmed to get into the workforce, compete with men and make money.’ Supposedly, that would be a fulfilling life. But I was told that by a feminist mother who was divorced, who hated her husband — my father.

She tried to steer me on what she thought was the right path, but feminism is a lie. That’s what I want women to know.

This testimony speaks for itself. It needs to be broadcast far and wide.

For more of the interview transcript go here.

We could make a parallel plea to Millennial and Generation Z young people. Please, please, please do not buy into the illusion of postmodern gender ideology. You cannot alter your sexual nature. Knives and hormones only alter one’s appearance. They cannot change the 6500 human genes in your DNA that say “masculine” or “feminine.” They cannot touch the transcendent nature of masculine and feminine.

To live a lie leads to destruction. Please heed this woman’s plaintive cry.

–          Darrow Miller

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