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Jordan Peterson and C.S. Lewis

Last week we published The Spiritual Pilgrimage of Jordan Peterson. We subsequently heard from a reader, Caitlin Basset, who wrote to thank Darrow for his post. She mentioned her own article on the same subject, published at The Stream. Hers is a very worthy companion post to ours, and we

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The LORD Our Righteousness

God is righteous. He is good and he is holy. He created a moral universe. But we are neither good nor righteous. Sin is found in the heart of every man and woman. We live in a moral universe. Atheists want license to live as they please without guilt. So

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Moral God, Moral Universe

This is post 13 of 18 in the series “classics” Not Every Story is Based in Reality How Homosexuality Became Normal in the West How Evolutionists Explain Poverty Lies Enslave, Truth Transforms Human Evil, Cosmic Consequences NURTURING: The Wonder of Being There Personal God, Personal Creation The Implications of Moral

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