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War on Motherhood

This is post 2 of 2 in the series “Nurturing the Nations” Feminism, Children and the Family War on Motherhood My heart is broken for women who are abused in virtually every country in the world. I get angry, angry at sexist men and sexist cultures for their abuse. (For

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HOME SCHOOLING: Why It Makes Sense Today

This is post 11 of 18 in the series “classics” Not Every Story is Based in Reality How Homosexuality Became Normal in the West How Evolutionists Explain Poverty Lies Enslave, Truth Transforms Human Evil, Cosmic Consequences NURTURING: The Wonder of Being There Personal God, Personal Creation The Implications of Moral

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We all have heard about the importance of the father’s presence in the home, about the horrible consequences when husbands and fathers go AWOL. The above graphic from fathers.com says it all. A home without a father averages about four times the poverty rate of a two-parent household. Levels of

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The Healing Power of Beauty

Truth, beauty and goodness are the hallmarks of the culture of the kingdom of God. These are what I call the cultural trinity. Just as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are separate persons yet one God, so truth, beauty and goodness are not the same, but they cannot be

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Our Antimaternal Age

Original photo all4desktop.com We live in a new era of human history, the age of the antimaternal. From the beginning of time, people have understood that it was normal, natural … yes, even beautiful, to have children. Not anymore. The sexist’s war against women has been replaced with the modern

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