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Gordon College: Culture Wars Arrive on the Christian Campus

For some years now, people who hold to the Judeo-Christian faith have represented a set of ideas and ideals significantly different—diametrically opposed, in fact—from those embraced by atheistic humanists. Society has labeled this conflicting vision as the “culture wars.” It has largely been a conflict between the church and secular

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Into Freedom or Bondage … Which Way the West?

Many Western societies, though founded on biblical worldview and principles, are now considered post-Christian. Europe is utterly atheistic; the United States is following suit. Sadly, the modern West lives in the present. Many Christians today function from near memory. They unconsciously operate from biblical principles, but make no connection between

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Ideas Have Consequences … A Columbus Day Reflection

Per the subtitle of this blog, we believe that truth has the power to transform culture. That’s why, a few weeks ago, we highlighted Dr. Marvin Olasky’s challenging piece Darwin Matters: The Influence of Evolutionary Thinking Far Beyond Biology. This week we want to point to something from Chuck Colson’s

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