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Self-Control: The First Virtue?

This is post 7 of 7 in the series “7 key virtues” Meekness: A Needed Virtue in a Divided Nation Repentance: An Everyday Virtue for Everyone Hope Points Us Forward Prayer: A Virtue of Profound Benefit Joy, the Fruit of Obedience Righteousness is Actually a Virtue! Self-Control: The First Virtue?

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Freedom: Why Is It So Important?

Our friends at BreakPoint are inviting us to join an effort to preserve religious freedom. Please read on. We see lots of talk these days about religious freedom and government intrusion. What is the proper place of government relative to religious freedom? Some see the federal government as a sort of national

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How Does the Church Fight Terrorism?

Jihadism is that radical Islam that wages jihad, or war, against non-Muslims and even against moderate Muslims. For the sake of discussion, let’s say everyone agrees that Jihadism poses a threat to freedom. And let’s say that everyone agrees that the job of a government is to protect its citizens. So, then,

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