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Announcement: Blog Schedule Change

I am thankful for the continued strong interest in the Darrow Miller and Friends blog. Your readership is a gift never to be taken for granted. The demands on my time have necessitated what we hope will be a temporary change in the frequency of posts at Darrow Miller and

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Anatomy of a Balladeer

When speaking to young people, I often mention the role of the artist in shaping culture. People are curious about what I mean, thus begins a discussion of the concept of the balladeer. I am careful to distinguish between artists who use their art for worship or evangelism and those

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A Call for Balladeers

Recently I had the privilege of teaching at the YWAM base in Puerto Rico. I love being with these folks because of their heart for the message of Biblical worldview, and their readiness to apply DNA teaching in creative art forms. These young people are seeking to be balladeers. For

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