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Jordan Peterson and C.S. Lewis

Last week we published The Spiritual Pilgrimage of Jordan Peterson. We subsequently heard from a reader, Caitlin Basset, who wrote to thank Darrow for his post. She mentioned her own article on the same subject, published at The Stream. Hers is a very worthy companion post to ours, and we

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Anatomy of a Balladeer

When speaking to young people, I often mention the role of the artist in shaping culture. People are curious about what I mean, thus begins a discussion of the concept of the balladeer. I am careful to distinguish between artists who use their art for worship or evangelism and those

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Christmas: The Original Fairy Tale

An American missionary family was living in a big city in Siberia. The children attended public schools, and every day mom and dad planned for dropping off and picking up the kids. They had no vehicle so they used public transportation. On one particular day, dad was scheduled to pick

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