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Love-Truth Divide

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “Love-Truth Divide” Love-Truth Divide Love-Truth Divide, part 2 During the rise of modernism, the church abandoned the comprehensive, integrative biblical worldview for the limitations and weakness of the Sacred/Secular Divide (SSD) of the Greeks. Our friend and co-worker Scott Allen has

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Cultural Marxism: The Root of Trans Rights, etc.

Wonder where the trans “rights” movement comes from? Answer: Soft Marxism Question: What do Black Lives Matter, trans “rights,” same-sex “marriage,” feminism, campus safe spaces, multiculturalism, political correctness, gender studies and the modern social justice movements have in common? All these movements and ideas are cut from the fabric of

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The “Caitlyn Jenner” Surgery Won’t Change Your Sex

Maybe you’ve seen the reports that—is it Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner—is regretting that famous surgery. (Maybe that’s true, maybe not.) To the degree we are shaped by a biblical worldview, such regret would come as no surprise. When we depart from God’s order, we suffer. More on that metaphysical observation

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Love Speaks the Truth

 What does love look in today’s public square? (Photo by Rhododendrites) Just over one month has passed since the atrocity in Orlando. In those four weeks, many have insisted that the Christian community needs to accept and embrace, rather than judge and condemn, the LGBT lifestyle. Christian friends and acquaintances have said that

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