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Just Breaking: Motherhood Is a Cultural Invention!

“Motherhood is a cultural invention. It reflects a belief adopted by society that is passed down from one generation to the next.” So writes Kathleen McCartney, president of Smith College, in “Time To Rethink Our Social Construct of Motherhood.” McCartney’s … Continue reading

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Scott Walker, Evolution, and the Media

During a recent interview Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was asked,  “Are you comfortable with the idea of evolution? Do you accept it?” Realizing the peril behind this question he chose to defer on it. Scott Walker could have done worse. … Continue reading

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Eric Metaxas Asserts that Science Makes the Case for God

It’s mere exaggeration, not hyperbole, to note that, these days, one can measure in hours the time lag between affirmations of Darwinism by public figures. Especially distressing is watching Christ followers line up at the “of course evolution is true” … Continue reading

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Climate Change: The Atheists’ Denial

Climate change is settled? Really? Have you noticed how many things are “settled” today? The discussion on so-called same-sex marriage: “settled” Darwinism as science: “settled” Abortion as social policy: “settled” Global warming (or is it global climate change) as science: … Continue reading

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The Ebola Crisis: A Case Study in Worldviews

Numerous articles have been sparked by Brian Palmer’s piece on the Christian medical “missionaries” and the Ebola crisis. They include the following at MereOrthodoxy, Ethic’s Daily, New York Times!, and BreakPoint. These have mostly focused on the motivations of Christian … Continue reading

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Even Darwin Had His Doubts

Charles Darwin would probably be surprised by today’s claims of “settled science.” In Canada the issue of so-called same-sex “marriage” is “settled” and any questioning is considered “hate speech,” putting a damper on the freedom of speech. (For the story on … Continue reading

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iPad Inventor Integrates Faith and Vocation

Most likely you have seen an iPad. Maybe you own an Ipad. In any case, the iPad is a ubiquitous demonstration of the biblical principle of vocation as calling. Imagine the massive cultural renewal that would result if every Christian … Continue reading

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Atheism: It’s Not Just What You Know, It’s How You Know

Recently we published a post, “Take It From the Darwinists: “We Deliberately Ignore the Evidence.” The gist of the piece was that Darwinists have openly admitted that they ignore scientific evidence which refutes atheism. In other  words, evolutionary scientists refuse … Continue reading

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Take It From the Darwinists: “We Deliberately Ignore the Evidence”

Darwinists have multiple labels for their belief system: naturalism, materialism, reductionism, atheism, secularism, humanism. But call it what you will, the theory has two fatal flaws: the lack of evidence for macro-evolution, and overwhelming evidence of design. As for the … Continue reading

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Brave New World: Ideology Trumps Science Regarding Human Life

For years abortion supporters argued that the science supported their cause, that pro-lifers were functioning only from “religious convictions.” But recent developments in biology support the pro-life argument that science and theology are not in conflict. In fact, the science … Continue reading

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