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What a Janitor Can Teach Us About the Kingdom of God

I recently came across this thoughtful blog post by my friend Jim Mullins at Redemption Church in Tempe, Arizona. I passed it around at the DNA global secretariat office, and it was fun to hear many stories from my colleagues … Continue reading

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Wisdom Sustains the Universe Through Human Obedience

Jesus spoke of a property owner who met with his servants before leaving on a journey. I’m going away for awhile. I want you to look after my property while I’m gone. He gave money to each servant in proportion … Continue reading

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Oikonomia Network: Seminaries Teaching the Biblical View of Work

At the creation, God the divine Worker created man the human worker. The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it, (Gen 2:15 NIV). The Disciple Nations … Continue reading

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iPad Inventor Integrates Faith and Vocation

Most likely you have seen an iPad. Maybe you own an Ipad. In any case, the iPad is a ubiquitous demonstration of the biblical principle of vocation as calling. Imagine the massive cultural renewal that would result if every Christian … Continue reading

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One Life of Love: A Labor Day Reflection

The Great Commission calls every Christian to advance the gospel of the kingdom, in love. We are to see the people around us as humans made in the image of God. Are they sinful and fallen? Yes. And they are … Continue reading

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CLAPHAM for the 21st Century: the Monday Church On the Move

We’ve written here about Clapham more than once. Now I’m happy to highlight a movement that is bringing a Clapham influence to today’s world. At the recent Chuck Colson Center’s Wilberforce Weekend, we were introduced to a number of ministries connected to … Continue reading

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THE BIBLE Has Something to Say About Work?

What army would leave the vast majority of its soldiers in the barracks while going into battle? In one sense, that’s exactly what the church has done. We have gone to war with only a fraction of our soldiers mobilized. We’ve relegated … Continue reading

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What Can You Learn About Your Work from Hobby Lobby?

Over the years, many people have asked me, What does it mean to be a Christian at work? How does a Christian to function in the market place?  I always answer that it depends on your worldview. Many Christians function … Continue reading

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How the Bible Inspired the Invention of the Laser Printer

Not everyone who reads the Bible is inspired to come up with a new invention. This post is about an exception. Here at the DNA we talk about Monday Church, i.e. helping Christians learn to function from a biblical worldview … Continue reading

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WANTED: God’s Fashion Designers

“Can a Christian be a fashion designer?” That question was put to me recently after I taught a session on worldview and life work to a group of young Christians in Chile. The young inquirer told me she loved to design … Continue reading

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