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Artists Speaking to the Culture

If you regularly read Darrow Miller and Friends, you may have noticed that I have a heart for Christians in the arts. Especially I want to encourage young artists. I aspire to be a clarion call to raise up artists … Continue reading

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How MUSIC Shapes a Culture and the World

Music is more than just an aural experience, as I was reminded recently by something I read. It’s always fun to find those in our travels to whom God has given a similar message. That’s certainly true for those of … Continue reading

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Culture and Religion: Can a Christian Worship Jesus in the Mosque?

How does the DNA see the interplay of culture and religion? Here’s an email thread between DNA colleagues from earlier this year that started when Dwight Vogt read, and shared, an article from Christianity Today.   Dwight Vogt, Here is … Continue reading

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A Powerful Resource for Creating Godly Culture

Here at the Disciple Nations Alliance we are fans of Ken Myers and his Mars Hill Audio Journal. Ken helps us understand what it means to live Coram Deo in our deeply secular 21st-century world. Many Christians live in the sacred-secular divide which … Continue reading

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Why Christian Couples Should Have Children

Some time back I was talking to a young man who had married about a year earlier. The conversation turned to children and he remarked that they weren’t sure they were going to have kids. I gently reminded him that … Continue reading

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Did Postmodern Culture Contribute to Sandy Hook?

My heart has been broken, as have so many hearts in America and around the world, at the unspeakable murder of twenty children and seven adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Words cannot describe the horror. … Continue reading

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After the 2012 Election It’s Time for the Remnant

Here’s another suggestion flowing from the 2012 presidential election in America: It is time for a remnant to serve the nation. America was founded by men and women who were consciously Christian. They were Puritans in heart and mind, the grandchildren … Continue reading

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The 2012 Election: Political Solutions Won’t Heal the Culture

If a culture needs healing, more than politics will be required. A Nation Divided in Culture These fifty United States have become two nations sharing one geography. We inhabit the same land, but embrace divided cultures and moral visions. And … Continue reading

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The 2012 Election: Has America Reached a Tipping Point?

Many people have identified the 2012 election as a tipping point in America, a point after which we live in a different country. If this is true, it’s not because of one election. The election is simply the manifestation of … Continue reading

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CULTURE Still Matters!

As most of our readers know, the Disciple Nations Alliance was born at the intersection of two seemingly unrelated issues: the more “philosophical” concept of worldview and the very practical world of poverty. We also have argued that culture matters … Continue reading

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