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Is Love Fireproof?

So, I never set out to become the staff member that makes lots of comments about movies and the arts, but I’ve happened upon this role, because I have found that media penetrates my mind and communicates to my heart in deep ways.

My wife and I watched the new movie last week which has just been released on DVD–Fireproof.  I was amazed by many things in this movie.  #1,  I was amazed that the Gospel was clearly, boldly, and professionally shown throughout the whole movie.  I was amazed that the word Jesus was used.  I was amazed that the movie was not cheesy or poorly produced.  The sacrifice of Jesus for all people, even when people continue to reject him or spit in his face, is beautifully portrayed.  Watch this. This becomes the example for the main character who continues to pursue his wife even when she rejects him.

This leads to the second reason that this movie was amazing.  Never have I seen a movie where divorce is not the answer.  When have you ever seen a movie where a struggling couple works things out?  Our culture just doesn’t think that’s realistic any more.  You fall out of love.  Love is a feeling.  You get a divorce.  It’s hard, but it’s the best decision.  Really??  Really!?  No.

Love is something that grows within a covenant relationship between two people and the Lord. Love is something very different when you believe and accept that you are committed to it for life.  If there is an “out”, it’s OK if you let things get bad because you can just get out of it and move on.  But if it is an unending covenant, then you work on problems before they get big and uncontrollable.  You work to show love for each other, because you need the result of that partnership and care.  You also do it because you know that it brings great results for you!  When you show love and when you serve, your partner is motivated to serve you and be considerate in similar ways without begrudging it.  Finally, you trust that God has done something divine in blessing this decision to get married and that he will bless and deepen your love and relationship if you will stay committed to it.

Marriage can be hard and it’s a call to sacrifice, even when your sacrifice is not appreciated or rejected altogether.  Nonetheless, we follow the example of Jesus in laying down our lives for others and the results are glorious.  Because of God’s abundant love for all people, he declares in the book of Malachi that He hates divorce.  We should, too.  Here is a clip from the movie about marriage and divorce.

Finally, a movie from the theater about marriage as it can and should be.  Amazing to see a movie on the big screen that was really well done and showed the power and value of making a struggling marriage work.  Awesome!  May this movie bless your life and marriage!

Here is a good review of the movie. One thing other people have appreciated is the clear portrayal of just how damaging (internet) pornography can be to relationships.  Oftentimes, this can be seen as an addiction that does not affect others, when in reality it has a tremendous impact on oneself and those around them.

-Tim C. Williams

PS.  This movie will make you cry a lot.  🙂  We rented it for just a dollar at our local redbox.com.  Get it and watch it!

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1 Comment

  1. Eric Brasure

    February 5, 2009 - 4:14 pm

    Irony of ironies we watched this the other day, and much like you I found it to be incredibly inspirational. Very few films address the problem that is rampant, even with the church, divorce. Thanks for the review it was incredibly well written.