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What Women, and Men, Stand to Lose in Today’s Incivility

  1. The Inestimable Value of a Baby
  2. What Women, and Men, Stand to Lose in Today’s Incivility

Women, and not women only, lose in the current sexualized climate of the West. Here we continue from our previous post unpacking this tweet from D.C. McAllister during the Kavanaugh hearings.

women want irresponsible sexAbortion is their sacrament. See Mary Eberstadt excellent argument: The First Church of Secularism and Its Sexual Sacraments.

It’s abhorrent as women have flung themselves from the heights of being the world’s civilizing force to the muck and mire of dehumanizing depravity.

Women are a civilizing force. The woman’s nature is to nurture. This requires the long-term time frames inherent in her design and built into her body. A woman’s body is designed to carry a new life in her womb for nine months and then to nurture the newborn for her early years. A woman’s nature helps to civilize men.

From the height of her glorious nature as maternal, women have descended to the muck and mire of dehumanizing depravity.

Men on the other hand function on short-term time frames, they are generally more impulsive, and require less effort and commitment to create a baby. Manhood is not established by the moment of conception; it is established in choosing to husband the mother and father the child.

Men, worshipping pagan deities, have indulged in pagan sexuality, sexual practice without restraint, without taking responsibility for the consequences. It was Judeo-Christian theism that provided a theological/moral framework to tame male passions. And it was a woman’s nature to demand men to be responsible fathers and husbands.

Women bowing to male depravity

Second-wave (modern) feminists sought to be “equal” to men (read same as” men), including sex without pregnancy. As men have done too often, women have now objectified their own bodies and those of their unborn babies. The modern and postmodern cultures have chosen to refashion sex as recreation and entertainment, diminishing the intimacy of sex as part of a whole life and the formation of a family.

Now sex for women became like men, short-term time frames – the hook-up culture, and sex without responsibility – abortion. Instead of being the civilizing force in society of maternal feminists, modern feminists began to join men in the mire of human depravity. Casual sex means sex without commitment to fatherhood and motherhood.

Women have flung themselves at the feet of male depravity. McAllister calls this abhorrent, and it is. Abhorrent, repulsive, repugnant … all are words not too strong to describe our current state. We see this

  • women wanted abortion in order to be like menin the unrelenting objectifying of women’s bodies and those of their unborn,
  • in the Nazi-like murder of 50,000,000 unborn babies since Roe vs Wade,
  • in Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, brutally butchering unborn babies and selling their flesh as so much meat as profit centers for their businesses.

The proabortion lobby is unhinged. They seek to maintain, at all costs, unfettered abortion. They reveal their inhumanity on a variety of communication platforms by threatening McAllister with death and rape. Their contempt for human life in promoting abortion carries over into these threats of violence and death.

Where will the path take us?

In the midst of her fear, she did not relent but tweeted fearlessly: I am facing legit death & rape threats because I have dared to call out women who are hysterical about abortion and to challenge them to be responsible and not to elevate sex to the point that they’re willing to kill human life to avoid their responsibilities. How sick is that?

As the threats became more prominent, McAllister went into hiding, her home was protected by police and she took a sabbatical from social media.

In addition to direct threats to McAllister and her family, the unhinged responses were also  directed to the pro-life community.

We are indeed in an escalating culture war that could turn violent. May God grant that violence not morph into a full-blown civil war. However, a recent poll of likely voters suggests that a third of the electorate expect a new civil war to break out within the next five years. Recent violence in Portland, New York, Charleston and Berkley could ignite an inferno.

One small illustration of this threat are the attacks on Students for Life at universities across the US.

Students for Life are pro womenEven more problematic, congressional leaders and the media are fanning the flames of violence. “Moral outrage has become the basic currency of political life for many. Hillary Clinton now tells her supporters, “You cannot be civil.” Former Attorney General Eric Holder, once the highest law officer in the land, is advocating for violence: “When they go low, we kick them.”

Why all this heat?

What might be called the Kavanaugh Syndrome marks a divide in American history. The national animus is palatable. McAllister, a maternal feminist, explains the heat she has received from modern and postmodern feminists:

I think the hatred for pro-life women is that they expect us to act in solidarity. When we don’t, they attack.

I also think it goes deeper. Women have the legitimacy to criticize other women in a way men don’t. When we speak honestly like I have, they hate it because they know what I’m saying is true.

As we have explained elsewhere, ideas have consequences. Abortion is the small-i “issue.” The true ISSUE is worldview, two paradigms that ultimately lead to two very different worlds.

On the level of paradigm one begins with either Biblical Theism or Atheism. On the level of principle, there are two radically different alternatives: the right to life vs a woman’s right to choose. The Kavanaugh Syndrome is being fought at the level of policy. Should our laws reflect the sacredness of all human life or the woman’s “right” to choose? At a program level, should men and women be held responsible for their sexual choices, or should they be free to have irresponsible sex without regard for the consequences?

Rather than rampage in the streets, let us engage in “long form” civil discussions on the level of principle and paradigm. After all, it is the belief system of a people that will determine how they will live and the kind of society they will create.

I am thankful for D.C. McCallister’s courage and clear sightedness.

  • Darrow Miller


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