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Jordan Peterson and C.S. Lewis

Last week we published The Spiritual Pilgrimage of Jordan Peterson. We subsequently heard from a reader, Caitlin Basset, who wrote to thank Darrow for his post. She mentioned her own article on the same subject, published at The Stream. Hers is a very worthy companion post to ours, and we

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In the first lecture in his series on the Bible, clinical psychologist and cultural phenom Dr. Jordan Peterson calls the Bible “the first hyperlinked book!” He references the beautiful and profound graphic above created by Christoph Römhild and Chris Harrison. The image captures 66,379 cross references found in scripture. (Go

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Ideas Have Consequences. They Also Have You!

“Ideas have consequences.” Many people are familiar with that profound observation by Richard Weaver. Now a popular Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson, has made a parallel observation, a variation from Carl Jung’s original, “People don’t have ideas, ideas have people!” Peterson tweaks it, “You don’t have ideas; ideas have you!” He

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