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Intellectual Hospitality: Growth Spaces Instead Of Safe Spaces

Today many university students put subjectivity over objectivity, feelings over the pursuit of truth. We have written on this phenomenon in the post “Safe Spaces”: Converting Students to Jihadis on University Campuses. Maybe instead of simply critiquing this trend, we should provide an alternative. How about “growth spaces” of intellectual

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More On Safe Spaces

The current “safe spaces” rage indicates that apparently, the soup of political correctness hasn’t turned out to be very nourishing. That stew has been fed to American students for a generation. In the interim, they’ve grown into university scholars who are unable to bear any criticism. Even the perception of critique is too

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1,000 Refugee Children in Iraq Back in School

Since ISIS swept into northern Iraq in 2014, tens of thousands of people have been killed, and over two million internally displaced. The Islamic state first attacked their fellow Muslims, the Iraqi majority Shiite population. Then they virtually destroyed the Yazidi civilization, a sect founded in the 12th century that

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