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Wayne Grudem on Christians and Government

What’s a biblical view of government? What’s an appropriate role for Christians in politics?

For a very helpful and concise primer, check out the four-minute video below by Wayne Grudem, a friend of DNA. Speaking about his recent book, Politics According to the Bible, Dr. Grudem exposes five wrong views about Christian involvement in government.

  1. “Government should compel religion.” But Jesus invited. He never forced himself on anyone.
  2. “Government should exclude religion.” The ACLU, for example, would deny freedom of religion. But this prevents a nation’s leaders from hearing what God has to say about government.
  3. “All government authority is demonic.” But Romans 13:4 says the civil authority is a servant of God (not Satan) for your good.
  4. Do evangelism, not politics. The church should just be involved in spiritual things and not these messy political disputes.” But there are many examples in the Bible of God’s people bringing influence and advice to political rulers. The Bible teaches God’s wisdom and good news for all of life.
  5. “Do politics not evangelism. If we just pass the right laws then everything will be right with our country.” But we must not neglect the most important message of the Bible which is Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved!

The right view? Significant Christian influence on government. Christians have a biblical responsibility to influence government for good.


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1 Comment

  1. Paul

    December 27, 2010 - 2:52 pm

    I am astounded at the amount of Christians who do not have a right view of government or are politically disengaged – we may as well, rip out the books of judges, kings, chronicles, esther, proverbs, and all the prophets out of our bibles if we believe that Christians ought not to be politicised. Faith is not at odds with politics. Government is an institution of Heaven, and when any Government rebels against God, the nation reaps the consequences and it is our job to make sure we get abreast with the issues, pray for righteousness in leadership and execute works of justice. I believe that Christian leaders need to do more in the way of embracing and encouraging people to be more active participants in politics. Thank you, a great resource