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More Spending, More Doing?

Marvin Olasky, editor of WORLD, recently pointed out that yes, increased charitable giving is essential to attacking poverty, but without the transformation of cultures, money is not enough.

In his column, The Promise and the Overpromise, Mr. Olasky referenced one of Darrow’s books:

… why do some Christians emphasize the importance of a biblical worldview in many areas of life but ignore that essential when it comes to poverty-fighting? Good books by Darrow Miller such as Discipling Nations show clearly (to quote the subtitle) The Power of Truth to Transform Cultures. Apart from God’s grace changing the hearts of both dictators and ordinary people, the extraordinary change that the 10 organizations want will not happen.

We should give generously. We should also be honest about the nature of the problem. Through generosity, and through helping people build businesses, we can reduce the amount of extreme poverty. Ending it, though, requires us to struggle with not only flesh and blood but principalities and powers. When we disregard that biblical and practical truth, we build cynicism that reduces the willingness to give.

Go here to read Mr. Olasky’s piece.

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