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Why is Africa Poor? animated version

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  19. Why is Africa Poor? animated version
  20. DEADNAMING and MISGENDERING … video version
  21. What Does God Think About Overpopulation? video version
  22. SOCIALISM vs. CAPITALISM – video version
  23. Woman, the Life Giver, animated version

Our friend Chris Ampadu is a long-time leader for the Disciple Nations Alliance in West Africa. In 2015, Chris was awarded an honorary Doctorate in Leadership Philosophy by the International Centre for Bible Research at the Cypress Bible Institute of the USA in view of his extensive training of top Christian leaders on the African continent.

Chris has built key partnerships with many leading Christian organizations and influential leaders across West Africa.

Dr. Ampadu recently published a whiteboard animation video which we are happy to post here, with his permission.

Click the image below to view at our YouTube page. [Click here if the image does not appear.]

You can contact Chris at samaritanstrategy@gmail.com.

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